Vendor Agreement

Vendor Agreement

Vendor Agreement
  • Please upload jpeg examples of your food / wares.
    If yes, please provide a copy of insurance policy
    If yes, please provide a copy of the health permit. Please note: Nueces County Health Department food vending permit is required. If no, please be prepared to apply for a temporary permit during festival set-up.
    Each vendor accepted to the festival is automatically granted 3 vendor passes. If you need additional passes, you can request them here. You are permitted to request up the 7 total vendor passes.

    Application Deadline: February 1, 2019

    Mercado and La Plaza at Fiesta de la Flor is a juried vendor application. All applications will be reviewed by the Fiesta de la Flor planning committee. Preference for vendors at El Mercado will be given to merchandise that is artisan, hand-crafted and made by the seller. Mass produced or imported merchandise may be accepted, but it is not preferred. Preference for La Plaza vendors is given to food trucks and trailers that have creative and inventive menus. The Fiesta de la Flor planning committee will select food trucks and trailers with consideration of a wide variety of food types served. Fiesta de la Flor operations will provide on-site security throughout the duration of the festival and during after-hours. All vendors will receive a Fiesta de la Flor parking pass granting access to loading/unloading zones and reserved vendor parking. The parking pass needs to be displayed at all times. Vendors will receive 3 vendor credentials, granting access to a side entrance during the festival hours of operation. Additional vendor credentials can be purchased with advance notice for $5 each.


    Vendors will be provided a 8X8 space to operate. El Mercado – where merchandise vendors will be housed – will operate inside the concourse of the American Bank Center. Additional lighting for the booths will not be needed, however if a vendor needs electricity to operate their booth, it must be indicated in the entry field in the application. Fiesta de la Flor encourages decorative and festive set-up of their 8X8 space. Vendor packet will be emailed to approved vendors no later than March 15, 2019 that will include a map to the festival, unloading/loading directions, parking directions, El Mercado map to include a key with each vendor’s designated space. When vendors check in to the festival site, they will receive their parking pass and vendor credentials.


    Friday, April 12, 2019 from 5:30 pm to 11:30 pm and Saturday, April 13, 2019 from 12:00 pm to 11:30 pm.


    1.All submitted applications must be complete. Incomplete applications will not be considered in the juried portion of the vendor acquisition process. 2. All business or other activity for which a vendor rented space must be conducted in the designated booth area ONLY. Distribution, layout or hanging of any items outside designated booth area is not permitted. 3. All materials deemed offensive by Fiesta de la Flor operations will not be permitted to be sold or displayed. Please keep “adult oriented material” out of view of minors. Vendors will be removed from the festival site with no refund for selling the following items: any merchandise depicting any imagery of Selena Quintanilla; any Dia de los Muertos merchandise; any overtly religious iconography; any political merchandise; beverages of any type (unless prior permission has been given). 4. Vendors are not allowed to distribute any type of plastic bags to customers. Paper is allowed. 5. All vendors and employees are expected to monitor themselves on all matters of conduct, attire, etc. 6. Vendor is responsible for paying all sales taxes and health permit fees required by any federal, state or local governmental entity. Fiesta de la Flor is not responsible for the collection or submission of any such governmental fees. Please note that an agent from the Texas State Comptroller will be on site and will require proof of sales tax permit. Please note that an inspector from the Nueces County Health Department will be on site and will inspect each food truck and trailer for compliance of health code. Food truck and trailer vendors currently not permitted by the Nueces County Health Department can apply for a temporary permit by calling 361-851-7235 7. Each vendor is required to obtain sufficient and proper insurance. If the vendor does not have insurance, insurance may be purchased through Fiesta de la Flor operations for an additional $85. Fiesta de la Flor assumes no liability for vendors or their invitees or licensees within or around vendor’s allotted area. 8. Vendors shall not display, offer for review, or sell any illegal or contraband items. The laws of the State of Texas and local ordinances of the City of Corpus Christi shall control. Vendors shall not display, offer for review, or sell any items that are unlicensed and/or copies/interpretations of licensed or registered items at any or all sites and operations in the festival site. 9. Vendor(s) shall indemnify and hold harmless Fiesta de la Flor its agents, successors, and assigns for any losses that should arise out of Vendor(s) actions, business activity or otherwise arising out of or from vendor participation in the subject event. Vendor(s) shall hold Fiesta de la Flor harmless for any losses that should arise due to cancellation of the event, regardless of cause. 10. REFUND POLICY / CANCELLATION / NO SHOWS: A 50% refund will be given with a written request received by March 15, 2019. No refunds will be given after March 15, 2019. Festival Vendor understands that Fiesta de la Flor has no control over weather, acts of God, acts of terrorism, or government intervention or any other cause that may prevent and alter and or interrupt the Festival, and participants shall hold Fiesta de la Flor harmless for any losses that could arise because of such event. Fiesta de la Flor will refund booth fees should the event cancel due to weather.

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